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Song about an angel – Sunny Day Real Estate

Shameful admission time, but i carry only three Sunny Day Real Estate Songs in my heart and those are the first three off of Diary. I’m not sure why. I don’t own the record, only borrowed it from a friend numerous times when i was younger. For some reason, though, nothing stuck with me after this song and i just listened to Seven, In Circles and this over and over again. I’m sure i was just being young and dumb, but that young and dumbness has carried on to today and i have no idea what made me think these three are enough nor what i’ve made myself miss out on; if it’s really that much of a massive drop i’ve made it out to be all these years. The opening three mean so much to me so why, even if they were lesser songs, would i just choose to neglect everything beyond that? I guess i won’t find out until i see my friend again (when?!), or buy my own copy. Then i can call myself an idiot.

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