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You’ve got the best of my love – The Emotions

I had the fortune to hear this song played on the radio on 2SER during the minute window it takes to drive to work (rainy days/when i’m late). It was so fantastic to hear, to have it and all its accompanying joy delivered over airwaves at that most joyless of times. I took the long way to let it play through. I wish i hadn’t.

The song finished. The moment was over. The presenter came on to back-announce it. Me still in the carpark in such grateful bliss waited for them to speak, to have another to share the moment with. He spoke. He apologised. Laughing, “I’m sorry. That was the Emotions. It doesn’t hurt to get a bit cheesy now and then. It won’t happen again.” etc. That was the gist. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I thought we as people had come a way. I thought we were at the point where we were finally recognising things on their own merits. I thought we were done with kitsch and now were finally appreciating the craft, legacy, and above all the power of all art, whether “disposable” or not. But no! The only way we can enjoy or excuse our enjoyment of things outside our little cultured spheres remains with ironic detachment. Fuck that.

I have no time for people like this. They may have actually liked the song and played it for that reason, but to wipe away accountability like that, to distance themselves LEST SOMEONE FIND OUT, is cowardly. It is bowing to a larger intolerance (derived from larger still bigotries) that surrounds “lesser” arts (those uncool, non-white heterosexual male ones. We’re against that, right?). He could have stuck up for it – stuck up for himself, stuck up for that little glimmer of elation inside him that this song brings. He didn’t. He laughed it off. He laughed all i had just received from it off.

Why do we let it continue? It needs to stop. End irony now.

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