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Just What I Needed

Just what i needed – The Cars

I am either not nearly enough of a Cars fan as i should be, or am exactly enough. Despite having this song in my head, it comes in pieces and this is the first time i’ve ever really heard it. This or any Cars song. I’m sure i could recognise other songs by them, but i can’t call them Cars’ songs until i’m told they are, and again it’s going to be piecemeal recognition. I probably could be a huge fan of the band if i had bothered to spend any time with them. I’m not going to put any effort into spending that time, but this song is good and i’m sure they’re ok and not just the model for ska bands who all got out of ska at the same time and bought Moog and only Moog synthesizers and set the oscillator to the square wave and only the square wave.

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