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Color Me Badd Religion

Color me Badd Religion – Your Mother

Proof they were punk rock’s Weird Al Yankovich. I mean they even released a Weird Al cover LP, if you wanted to recoil further in horror. In the way of the man himself, Your Mother run their way through an medley of No Control, When?, Anesthesia, Modern Man and some others, turning the lyrics to parody and reference at every turn. It is as though they were fulfilling some punk rock responsibility, picking up Weird Al’s slack and Yankovich-ing a deserving band… well… beneath him. Like it’s too much of an inside joke, only Your Mother could put it in front of the right audience.

I love this. I requested it when Thematics had their Bad Religion special earlier this year, only to be shot down with deserved shame. It would have been a great song to squeeze in there somewhere. A treat for every listener. Some people…

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We Laugh

We laugh – Your Mother

The band that changed my life, quite simply. The first band on this level of popularity, working and aspiration i got into, and the many roads they opened up for me. I found out about emo through Emo Summer, thrashcore through What Happens Next?, countless other bands through their championing, covering or shared compilation appearances. There is a whole lot of a debt of gratitude i owe Your Mother. I have probably already told them. I used to tell bands how much i loved them all the time.

So this is a defining point. It’s nice to have. That Your Mother are neglected and unappreciated is no real surprise. If it were not for Nancy Vandal, i doubt very much i would have ever found out about them. So maybe i should attribute any life-changing to Nancy Vandal. Nancy Vandal never played a show at a primary school to primary school students. Your Mother completely recast in me what a band could and should be.

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