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Happyman – Less Than Jake

I listened to them one time three days ago! Gah! This song starts off promisingly but that doesn’t last. Oh who am i kidding? I like it. It will always speak to that little humiliating 14 year old that’s forever stuck inside me.

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Last one out of Liberty City – Less Than Jake

The problem with my slips into nostalgia, or indeed any of my listening habits, is that there is an almost certain chance that some of it will trickle on to here. It’s like a freerange bearing of the subconscious without any of the inhibitors, correct judgement mouth-shutting and all round want for invisibility that make social living a slightly more bearable and operational thing. But here i am blabbing my darkest shames to anyone. And maybe worse and more alienating still, not out and out dismissing and relegating them to a shameful past, but keeping all affect as potent now as it was then.

I like Less Than Jake and i am liking this going back and listening to them. For the moment anyway. But to distance myself somewhat, something i thought then as i do now is that Hello Rockview is one of the worst sounding albums i have ever heard. Something about the round, wet processing on the bass, the horns and the vocals makes me physically ill. And every “whoa-oh” and ska turn begins to seem like useless affectation. There. I’m cool again.

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Lockdown – Less Than Jake

This might illicit a “oh yeah. Hmm…” indifferent, surpriseless reaction, but i was once very much into Less Than Jake. Enabled by a friend circle all equally caught by the band and a teenagehood just prepped for them to coincide with and excite, they were once probably my favourite band. I could share them with people, i could have the world i needed alone with them in my room. Everyone only had one album by them. I had Pezcore, so i had to rely on my friends taping me their others. I found my Losing Streak/Hello Rockview tape in a box while cleaning up yesterday. Some things might be better left to nostalgia, but oh my the perfect things they stir when that nostalgia is yours.

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Big – Less Than Jake

Yes, Less Than Jake. For a while there they were my favourite band, and a favourite band i actually could share with my friends. All memory leads to they once being Henry’s favourite band as well, and Adrian too, though not maybe his ultimate band. Close. It was a wonderful feeling not being so disparate in taste with my friends. Having that common love for something – something we got quite a lot out of, honestly – was something that made us a little closer, sharing tapes, listening to them together in our rooms. It was never the sole basis for our friendship, just a nice byproduct of it. It lead us with shared enthusiasm to every Warped Tour, every Frenzal Rhomb supported show, to wearing their t-shirts until hole-ridden, to writing their name on pencil cases, to Pez addictions, to covering Less Than Jake songs in McGarnagle, our band. Less Than Jake remind me of a very wonderful time in my life.

I really did love them. The support network my friends and i had together fostered a large part of that love, but on my own i would have been besotted regardless. They seemed like the coolest band. The lyrics were apropos to any world view and experience i had at that time, their music was fantastic, they were fun, their live show was something of an event, their overindulgence of record releases excited me to no end, and they were obscure enough to give me a sense of being cool at a time that matters most.

Although waned significantly, that love has left me with memories, a record collection with a significant bulge at “L”, pointed me in a direction that has given me so much since, and left me with a song in my head after who knows how long since i last heard it. The dawning of much of my expanse in taste and music exploration stemmed from Less Than Jake. Through them i found Hot Water Music, Twelve Hour Turn and I Hate Myself, and through those bands themselves and the expanse of my taste/exposure to new kinds of music they brought, i was led chiefly to where i am today. I’m happy to be here.

I never did like this one song too much. I guess i was young and stupid and wanted more horns in my Less Than Jake. Removed, ten, eleven, twelve years or so later, it really isn’t that bad a song, and i don’t know why i skipped past it everytime i played the album. I think i even omitted it entirely from the tape of Pezcore i made to listen to in the car. Listening to it now my only criticism is that maybe it’s too long, but that’s far and away from any criticism i once had. I not too long ago bought Less Than Jake’s DVD for nostalgia’s sake, wanting to see early, early, Gainesville-bound footage of them and the only clip on the whole thing that showed anything pre-Hello Rockview to satiate reason for buying it was a clip of Chris, Vinnie, and Roger (no research – never going to forget those names) playing Big as a three piece, outside to no crowd. It was actually quite exciting to see.

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