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A simple text file – Man or Astro-man?

For some reason i had the sound of a dot matrix printer in my head this morning, so why not make it in to a song? It’s such a simple idea, but trust Man or Astro-man? to come up with it. If they did come up with it. It was the first i had ever heard of such a thing, so in my myopia i’ll credit it to them.

The lady who conducted the printer orchestra at What is Music? did so five or so years after this song was released, unless it was something she had been toying with for many years until some curatorial person brought her and her music to the art world’s attention. I haven’t spent as much time with her music as i have this song, and this is not to discredit it, but A Simple Text File seems much more a traditional song than her orchestrations – pitch, rhythm, tempo, all notated as a text file, arranged as a formal song. It is something i can have in my head of a morning. And it’s genius. Written and performed on an ImageWriter II.

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