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Little Boy

Little boy – The Crystals

I think that this is considered a failure of a single, and that Phil Spector’s production is actually the attributed reason for its failure. Nuts. Of course now we realise his genius, and we call everything he touched genius, but it is interesting to note that not everything he did was rapturously received by radio, critics, or the listening public.

Of course that listening public was at this time in love with boys from England, and Phil Spector himself was tooling the Ronettes as his hit conduit, and soon would be done completely with the Crystals. It is not this song’s fault it failed is i guess what i’m trying to say. It’s to our fortune that it (and other “failures”) comes along packaged with Phil Spector’s musical legacy. They aren’t lost. They may be second tier, but they are not lost.

This song is so great, and it’s thrown at the listener as what might be the biggest wall of sound ever to come from Gold Star Studios. It is absolutely monstrous. That droning low horn note, LaLa Brooks voice, the high strings that come out of that roar and into something truly wonderful and majestic in what must be one of the best bridges ever written. Powerful stuff. And all done for teenagers.

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