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Angel Treads

Angel treads – Dolly Mixture

In private moments, dumb, harebrained moments i think a hip hop career might be for me, i’ve always thought the opening to this song, chopped and maybe slowed somewhat, would form a good beat. What am i thinking?!. It’s probably best that dream never happens.

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Been Teen

Been teen – Dolly Mixture

One of their singles, so it isn’t one of their best songs. It’s also the only song of their that has any footage of them on youtube. I can’t imagine anyone coming across this one visual relic of them playing and being as completely taken with the band as they should, but it might be possible. And starting from the bottom with this, things will only get more incredible for them. I say one visual relic, but there is a Dolly Mixture documentary floating around. I wonder what they’ve found and use. I don’t know if i’ll ever get to see it.I think the Chickfactor people are showing it soon in New York, but that’s New York, they get everything. The world should deny them something once. This mp3 is a live version because i’d have to go downstairs to the car to get the proper recording.

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Side Street Walker

Side street walker – Dolly Mixture

Na na na na na. I’ve written here before about Dolly Mixture’s nothing if not absolute best judgement, compulsive fall into pop music tropes. Here’s another example. It would be remiss of them as the perfect band they are not to have fallen to the “na na na na na” of this song’s chorus.

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Miss Candy Twist

Miss Candy Twist – Dolly Mixture

I wonder if ten years from now (t-hen yearsfrom no-ow!) i’ll try to distance myself from Dolly Mixture. … No of course not. This is as perfect as music will ever get. I wish i had spent my teen years with this instead.

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Now When I Count

Now when i count – Dolly Mixture

The melody this song uses for its verse is such a rolling, school assembly pastime song-type thing that when it reaches its “la la la” round towards the end it’s like an inevitable, unavoidable flow that despite all other pop options out there for Dolly Mixture, any taken that didn’t fall into these la’s would have been remiss in their duty as the band they were. It’s the one true choice. This song was unreleased until the Everything and More box set was released in 2010. A song as perfect as this hidden for thirty years. That doesn’t seem a very nice thing to do.

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Will he kiss me tonight? – Dolly Mixture

The reason for so many Dolly Mixture songs lately, more than any other time in the history of this thing, is that i finally have a car with a working CD player and the Everything and More boxset fits very snuggly in there. The only time i’ve taken the CD’s out has been to rip songs off it to post here. Anyway, we’ve been doing a lot of driving recently because we’re trying to move house, so that makes for a not constant but a lot of Dolly Mixture listening, and that makes for a lot of their songs appearing here. How catchy and perfect they all are might also have something to do with it. When all this stress of moving is over i guess i have songs to link to this time’s eventual nostalgia already prepared.

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Wave Away

Wave away – Dolly Mixture

To demonstrate how quickly they changed, this song came three years into their being and sounds worlds away from the band the began as. Well, not too many worlds away. There are apparent, reasonable trajectories that led them here, though i’ve always wondered if they were so brilliant from the get go, why did they ever bother to move away from it. To prove something to horrible British music press? Because they just became this band? Oh well. It’s no longer the drop into lesserness i once thought it was. I’ve grown to love it and now see it as integral, complete, unmistakeable, sublime Dolly Mixture, and my life is all the better for it.

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