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Loco – Coal Chamber

With foreign parts of the world that leak into mine abuzz over last weekend’s Soundwave festival, i looked at the lineup and… it’s sure to have made those whose utopian world is one that never grew or sought beyond late 90’s metal very happy indeed. The lineup really is astonishing in the way the promoters have managed to time capsule that era, and to such a degree, resurrecting it for those who didn’t want it to end and whose dream for it to continue is imagined only and fulfilled wholly in festival form.

It’s like every early high school party i attended and had no fun at all over again. Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, System of a Down, Hole, Coal Chamber. It goes on. Cro Mags?! Are these reformations, or have these bands kept going all these years to my blissful ignorance? I know this is the era of cash reunions but still it’s incredible. The amount of money involved in this… but then these bands’ fans have never been short on dolling out. It’s making a lot of people happy.

I remember Coal Chamber being especially lame and lower tier but i couldn’t send myself back to sitting in sheds or on the backseats of cars enough to remember any of their songs. I looked this up last night and oh yeah. It certainly was the style at the time. I’m so glad i wasn’t caught up in this – that it was just something imposed and endured, learned through absorption. It could have very nearly become my thing if i found enough support or enough of who i wanted to be in it. This song just doesn’t end, does it?

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