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Cut The Tension

Cut the tension – Lifetime

Although it is typical and reflexive of me to poo-poo and smother any enthusiasm for reunion shows, seeing Lifetime last year (or the year before [or possibly the year before that]) was one of the best shows i have been to. It wasn’t a complete success and there was this disjointedness – the only parts making it the best were those when Lifetime were on stage, the rest of the show somewhat ho-hum, it was a Resist show, and the crowd seemed mostly clueless to who Lifetime were save for a touring, international band – but still, in the midst of unfamiliar new stuff, there was a band on stage ripped straight from my stereo, my bedroom, so many times, with all excitement, all dedication, all hope, all envision intact. And i was there with Peter, sharing it all.

I have no concept of the band live when they were active, but this show fulfilled everything my little old small town, distant mid-90s dreams conjure up as impossible. Lifetime were Lifetime, then as they ever were, and i got to see them. Dan Yemin seems blessed with the same eternal youth and good looks as Bob Nanna. I can’t remember if the played this song. But i do remember them playing Starsixnine, Turnpike Gates, and Rodeo Clown, and not playing Bobby Truck Tricks or What She Said.

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