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Take My Hand

Take my hand – IU

What i want to do is rewatch every Hong sisters drama, and watch and then rewatch those few i haven’t yet seen. That’s some life goal i have there. It would make me very happy, though. IU wrote this song herself. Scratch one up for the artistic-merit-and-worth-through-ability-to-create crowd.

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Marshmallow – IU

I went to the board game cafe last night on one of my precious, precious social outings. They played this song over their stereo and i was the dork who basked in and was excited by it a little too much. “It’s Marshmallow!” No one cared. Oh well. My ears were at attention and i shuffled alone in my seat, but it did make me think of how visible i was and should be in my love for this music.

Not to my friends – who cares what they think? – but to the staff and other patrons of the cafe. I did express my joy loudly when it came on, and i’m sure they don’t need some ugly dweeb of no capital whatsoever crashing, latching on to and tainting their scene. I’ll keep it to myself.

We played scrabble and i lost badly because apparently everyone has it on their iphones and plays it against everyone always, knowing and exploiting rules, tricks and made-up words en route to victory. I wish we played Catan. I’m good at that, and people don’t fall asleep waiting for others to play their hands. Anyway, i tipped the staff four dollars – two for this song and two for T-ara’s Roly Poly. Thinking back on it, it seemed a gesture of apology. I apologise for my ugliness. It’s one of those days…

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