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When you sleep – Shonen Knife

This might be my favourite ever cover song. Maybe knocking Y Pants’ version of That’s the Way Boys Are off its long held pedestal. It takes a song, while OK as it was, and directs it to the most divine place its components could ever reach. Where the unfolding of creation meant it to. The affective limit of My Bloody Valentine drawn clear and then burst through, soaring to the immaculate.

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Twist Barbie

Twist Barbie – Shonen Knife

The original Burning Farm version, not the twice as long, bigger drums, guitar solo, for America version on Let’s Knife. Some things are so perfect you wonder why anyone would think to change them – to “enhance” them. I guess a lot changed between 1983 and 1992, in what Shonen Knife could do and what they saw as expected in the studio. Those Let’s Knife versins are probably all improvements, to be correct and objective, but it’s the earlier albums that affect me most.

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Top Of The World

Top of the world – Shonen Knife

It is this version. The beginning, the guitars, the accent, the tempo – unmistakable. I’m not sure if i’m brave enough to declare it better than the original, but it probably is. The only cover on If I Were a Carpenter that could arise such contention, only because i don’t think the Carpenter’s version is that great. Sonic Youth’s version of Superstar is ok, and the only other cover really up to any challenge, but let’s be honest here, people. All devotion, longing, desperation, loneliness, distance, life and death is attendant in Karen’s voice in the original; flagrant, obtrusive illustration of it isn’t all that necessary. Good song, though.

But back to this song, and back to Shonen Knife. The only detraction this cover has against it is that it is too long. Shonen Knife played, with replacement drummer, last Friday night. The very night all my attention and preparation was centered around the Vivian Girls. If i had known and had more time to make a decision i probably still would have gone to the Vivian Girls, but i wish i could have gone to both. I feel something is lost that i wasn’t more torn up about making this decision. I went with the active band instead of the reunited band. If they were held on separate nights i could have gone out twice this year.

man is not a bird

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