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Thursday, July 26th:
Outer space – The Muffs

Friday, July 27th:
Path – Lee Jae Min

Saturday, July 28th:
Simple minds – Dag Nasty

Sunday, July 29th:
Collect call from Clark Kent – Braid

Monday, July 30th:
Dead on the floor – Pink Collar Jobs

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Outer Space

Outer space – The Muffs

It’s fun to follow bands through their degrees of seperation via cover songs. Well,no, it’s nerdy. Anyway, in addition to the Beach Boys (and a heap of other bands), the Queers also covered End It All by the Muffs. The Muffs have covered the (English) Beat, who’ve covered Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, who have covered the Beatles, who poached and rebranded so much early rock’n’roll. And onward. I wonder what the longest chain of this nonsense is. I’m sure someone with far less restraint by social censure has calculated something.

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Agony – The Muffs

I guess i’m really excited for this allotment of time i’ve put aside this afternoon to drum for the first time since Alex left. All things going to plan, this is first song i’ll test my muscle memory to. Then the rest of the album. It’s really fun to play, and a perfect test to see just how much neglect has cost me in ability. I love drumming. I really do. I just have lost the routine for it. And i have no one to play with. And i don’t want to annoy the neighbours. Something will probably go wrong. A speaker blowing or something.

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Where Only I Could Go

Where only i could go – The Muffs

My favourite drummer is Roy McDonald of the Muffs. I say this with the same relief as i did when i defined two favourite albums of this year a few posts down. I am a drummer. I should realise that. I have a drum kit, and i play it in bands ∴ i am a drummer. I really do not feel like it, nor any kind of musician, and i am thankful for that. I fear that if i were to relent and consider myself one i would be one of those dorks buying drum magazines, working in a music store, appreciating the greatness in Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, John Bonham, Lars Ulrich, etc. and paying absolute attention to the number of splash cymbals i need to construct the perfect kit. The correct answer is zero.

I should have a favourite drummer. I do and his name is Roy McDonald. Now that i think about it, i also like Mario Rubalcaba from Clikitat Ikatowi, Gus Weinkauf of Blake, and Pete Thomas with Elvis Costello, whom it took me for the Muffs to cover No Action to realise the greatness.

Boy, do i love the Muffs. They had the best bridges, and it was Kim Shattuck who taught me what a minor chord was and where it should go. There i go, talking like a musician.

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