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Yesterday: Pillow fight – The 6ths

Today: Bokutachi no runaway – Fukunaga Satomi

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Bokutachi no runaway – Fukunaga Satomi

I often wonder what happened to Onyanko Club members post-dissolution. The two or three year window of their lives i’m privy to and the heights of popularity to which they were brought, and how young they were, what happened when it all went away? It’s dumb to hold that these were the best years of their lives because it the only years of their lives i know, and i know showbiz isn’t for everyone, but there are trajectories in life that make sense and i just wish everything weren’t so fleeting. Some enjoyed continued and even greater success, some tried, some just returned to a quiet life, to studies, to work.

Satomi was one of the most talented of the group, through singing and acting, and one of the most popular, but it was just a couple of singles for her before health complications (of details i’m not sure) shifted her life permanently. She retired, became an office worker and eventually married. Who’s to say she’s not infinitely more happy there with this all left behind?

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Monday, July 16th:
All that she wants – Ace of Base

Tuesday, July 17th:
My son – Sicko

Wednesday, July 18th:
Tonight – Kim Wan Sun

My goal here this holiday is to find her records so i can actually have decent recordings to listen to, and put up here if she comes into my head again. She will.

Thursday, July 19th:
Electric shock – f(x)

Friday, July 20th:
ハートのIgnition – Fukunaga Satomi

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