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Halo – Beyoncé

The more i hear this, the more i’m convinced it is not a perfect song. It has one thing going for it – its chorus – and it squanders that most of the time, falling back on it for majesty rather than working a higher majesty through it. Every run through of it feels like a fall to a safety net of assured audience gratification. It is what happens when you give someone who can sing a good, lifting chorus, but there is little more. It’s the residual of that. It could have been constructed as something wholly beautiful, moved moment by moment, unfolding, climbing – it could have told something, but it doesn’t. It does one good thing the requisite amount of times. They play this at supermarkets and everyone keeps shopping.

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Irreplaceable – Beyoncé

The first Beyoncé song to appear here, and wouldn’t you know it i was ready to attribute to almost anyone but her. It’s because they play it at my work and has thus blurred into that blanket unavowed muzak snare that claims so many songs. This is fantastic, and i’m comfortable in saying so because of who i now know it’s by. Funny that.

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