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Venus – Television

Exquisite. Just completely beautiful and exquisite. I did find place for this in my greatest twenty songs of all time list i made a while ago, didn’t i? I’m actually ashamed if i didn’t. Tom Verlaine’s guitar lines… The way it moves along… “DIDJA FEEL LOW?” “No, Not at all.” “HUH?!”… The arms of a Venus de Milo… Everyone talks about the title song, but this is the best moment on what is a perfect album. Marquee Moon is about its length, the epic. Venus is about the moment – a night, two friends against the world.

I remember reading something with Dee Dee Ramone, him saying the greatest moments of his life were in CBGB’s, in front of Television playing Venus. I’d stand on every corner of 53rd and 3rd for the chance to travel back in time, to there.

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