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Pictures (Of You)

Pictures (of you) – Pet Milk

I could never tell which is the My Bloody Valentine cover. I guess it’s not this one. It seemed the most likely. Paint A Rainbow? Yes! Checks out. Early My Bloody Valentine rules. Discovery of things i should have already known done in real time, folks.

Pet Milk. Their tape came in the mail for me the other day and i must have played it… three times since then. Yesterday i made a complaint about boutique record labels, but what about boutique tape labels. I can’t remember how much i paid for this and i don’t think i want to. I just had to have it, i suppose. It really is quite good.

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Cherry Outline

Cherry outline – Pet Milk

Merry Christmas. This is the Christmas song. One of the songs of the year for me, by one of the year’s most exciting new bands. And as with the rest of my presents, my girlfriend says, i’m still waiting for their tape in the mail. Can’t wait (even though i payed through the nose for it).

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