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A’Sharad – heartfeltself

From the Hardcore Pride Australia Wide video again. From their demo. Yes, they once sounded like this. They sounded like a Boysetsfire cover band. To me, who came in late, it was the sporadic screaming that sounded out of place, yet i guess to those who were there from the beginning it was the encroaching wuss-melodic stuff that was out. I wonder how they feel about this now – if they’d like for it to be forever buried and never reminded of a hardcore past. What if the kids found out? I’m sure they are smart enough not to and know this is great, carrying what i’m sure is some very special and sharp sentimentality for them.

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Supposed to understand – The Pastels

Doo-be-doo Doo-be-doo Ba Ba Ba-da-da. Apparently that’s sung by the girls from Strawberry Switchblade, which, only knowing them from Since Yesterday and Trees and Flowers, i find incredible. I thought it was Aggi, and was all ready to attribute the greatest backing vocals in the history of music and their effect to her, but i guess she wasn’t in the group yet. Listening to those few Strawberry Switchblade songs i have, stripping the production and processing on their voices, singing for Stephen Pastel instead of Warner Records, i can kind of see it now. Small worlds, small scenes.

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Masterpiece – Adrenalin O.D.

I love that they called this song Masterpiece (because it’s the theme to Masterpiece Theater) and not Fanfare-Rondeau as it is exactly what i would have done, because who knows what the titles of classical pieces are called or who composed them? It reminds me of that Mr Show sketch where Bob is running a classical record club and lists all the songs he wants by the television shows or movies they are themes to.

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Pile Ou Face

Pile ou face – Corynne Charby

Pile! No, je veux dire face. No, pile. No, face. No, pile. No, face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face…..

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Song Six

Song six – The Field Mice

Yes… Maybe i’m still so used to a certain type of delivery in songs such as these, making this sound to me a little off – a little patronising, a little regressive, a little pathetic. Its earnest tweeness seems like a tip toe around the issue. But it was worked from the heart, without rhetoric, in a language that really did not exist then, in a type of music that, now, then and throughout, rarely explores themes like this. There is a problem, Robert Wratten sees this, this is his reproach.

It may seem paltry, lip service, the solution to nothing and all “Kiss me i’m a feminist” (or “Kiss me i’m a boy who likes girls and never would think to mistreat one. Yeah that’s me. You’re safe”) but i’ll take anything over nothing – any opening up of dialogue over silence.

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Right Here

Right here – The Go-Betweens

I submit that the Go-Betweens were less in love with and an embodiment of the city of Brisbane than Brisbane wanted/wants them to be. Especially at this point in their career. Take that.

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Heart in your heartbreak – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

A few days to go now. And as promotion for that date what do i find when i turn on the TV late last night but them on the David Letterman show playing this song.

While it was a fantastic surprise and is great exposure for the band, this is not a They Might Be Giants on the Tonight Show moment. Although i’m sure it might have changed someone out there’s life, i guess it’s because talk show appearances are no longer the showcases they once were. There are so many other avenues now to broadcast yourself and be found by the desperate and unwitting alike. Still, it’s always fun when people who don’t belong on television somehow find themselves on there. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on my TV? Please.

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