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For ex-lovers only – Black Tambourine

Guess who just bought the reissue of the Black Tambourine discography, despite already owning the original CD release? Me, that’s who. I wasn’t going to, but the excitement surrounding the release, the few extra demo versions tacked on to the end of it, extensive liner notes and the promise of a free button trumped any sense and any hesitation i had. I will buy the next reissue after this if it means the slightest scrape of new material or any further revelation of this band. I need as much of Black Tambourine in my life as possible.

It came in the mail yesterday. I haven’t listened to it yet, nor read those liner notes, but i’ve set time aside this afternoon for to do so. I didn’t get my promised button though. How am i supposed to be identified at functions or at the shops as someone cool, every essence of myself i want to transmit, every flag i want to fly, done through a one inch button, without it? How am i supposed to make friends?

I know! By giving things away. So that means i have a now redundant Black Tambourine CD. If anyone wants it, they need only ask.

veneno para las hadas

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