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The Almondy Many

The almondy many – Poundsign

This song and the entire EP reminds me of the first time i finally made it up to a friend of mine’s bedroom after spending so much time relegated to other parts of his house. Going through his records – something i’d long wanted to do – being blown away by what i found, and then stumbling upon this oddity among his emo and indie rock repository. I owned this record. I would never admit to him i did let alone how much it meant to me, but there it was, with him, the wimpiest record in his collection and maybe the beginning of a slide into indie pop i was already well on.

And he loved it. We bonded over it. I’m not sure if it still means anything to him as it does me, but it was the most heartening thing in the world finding we had arrived at the same point through differing, discrete, undisclosed paths. The things we’re ashamed of and keep hidden from friends…

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