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How Much More

How much more – The Go-Go’s

Yeah… To be a Go-Go… If i were to be able to choose just one band i could travel back in time and implant myself in their line up, their vision and accomplishments unchanged by my addition, it would be the Go-Go’s. I’m sure there are better bands, more exciting bands, more important bands, better suited bands, but right now, listening to Beauty and the Beat, i am not convinced. Fun, good times, inspiration – it’s the life. I probably would get annoyed by the preening and pressure of fame, especially the tokenness with which the Go-Go’s were treated, but to be a part of this:

…i can’t right now imagine anything better.

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Heard You Whisper

Heard you whisper – The June Brides

A really dark sounding song from the really hard to pin down June Brides. Great trumpet too. It was always great – trumpet, viola, guitar, whatever. If there’s one thing i’ve noticed about the June Brides on the internet it’s how much they were revered in their day, by a small, loyal group of pop music guardians who didn’t accuse the band of selling out in getting an NME cover story (even though it was a very different thing back then. The first independent band to do so), but rather saw it with vindication and justice. They were their band, uncompromised. This was their strike, their advance. What better band?


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Our love was built to last (Like Simon Dee) – Kitchen Cynics

Simon Dee, who was born with the less zippy showbiz and more class revealing name of Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd, was a British television interviewer and radio disc jockey who hosted a twice-weekly BBC TV chat show, Dee Time in the late 1960s. After moving from the BBC to London Weekend Television in 1970 he was dropped and his career was over. That’s a cruelly blunt wikipedia copy-paste. His life seems really interesting and hilarious, especially that post-1970 fall.

It’s not something i’m old enough or British enough to have grasp on. Unlike the Kitchen Cynics, who are and do, pointedly. I’m neither old nor British enough to even have a grasp on who the Kitchen Cynics were. A late 70’s/early 80’s band who seemed to release nothing but tapes and flexi singles so i’ve abandoned hope of ever knowing them. I don’t even know how i found this song. It’s a good-un and encourages further inspection, but unless someone like Messthetics comes along and shows me, where do i look?


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I’ll Never Find It

I’ve spent the last five hours going through my computer listening to the first five seconds of over 5,000 songs to find this one in particular in my head but unidentified. And there are another 15,000 to go, and i’m going to give up and call this day a bye. I know if i heard the song i could identify it, but not yet, and the possibility that it could be the next one that has propelled me onwards today is wearing thin and i have to go to work soon. I’m sure it would have been worth it had i been able to find it. There are too many songs. I’ll post the song i gave up my search on, just to do something, and because it’s a great song:
Manmade – Spirit Assembly

How did you spend your day today?..

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Solar Sister

Solar sister – The Posies

Talk about your perfect songs. This goes right next to Naked Raygun’s Matastasis on my one-line-verse-bam-chorus mixtape. Gah! This song is so incredibly great! I’m terrible at gushing. It’s all attendant in the song anyway. One of the greatest songs ever written. Perfect, perfect, perfect! The chorus, the structure, the melody, the harmonies, the fact it came out of early 1990’s Seattle… We elected the wrong Washingtonian guitar guys.


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Everybody wants to rule the world – Tears For Fears

It’s direct link to memory, moment or thing time again, and this song makes me wants to watch Real Genius like nothing else. I know i’ll be little let down if i do. It’s never the same. The gentleness of the movie feeds into the song and back out again, creating this warm, comfortable place inside where i desperately want to be. I know i won’t find it, at least not in the movie, but boy does this song and the nostalgia it stirs make it seem like i will.

real gunis

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Mosh For Jesus

Mosh for Jesus – Dillinger 4

A vague expression and a silent motive
to take this shithole by the fucking throat
and then it’s on our hands.
And that’s how the new world began.

When i was younger (and this seems so long ago now it is scary) the lyrics of primarily three bands fell from a bored, daydreamy mind to the margins of my school books: Propagandhi, the Promise Ring, and Dillinger 4. Those were the lyrics i, through detachment or desperation, defined my want of the world, anger, discontent, desire, all those teenage things, ink to paper. Lyrics like those above seemed so far and above all other bands’. An intelligence and grasp i did not yet have (and would never get). Oh the days i could whittle down everything i was feeling and everything i wanted to release to mere punk rock lyrics. Why don’t i have that anymore?

I’ll go back to my mother’s house and find an old history book to scan the above lyrics written word for word in the margin. And no s@#thole in place of shithole either. Word for word. I was tough in high school.


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The Three R’s

The three R’s – Sommerset

Ha. I just opened this CD to rip this song and the grimiest of guitar picks from who knows when fell out. I’m disgusting.

I saw Sommerset only twice, and each of those times at opposite ends of this curve of normal distribution my reverence for the band took. The first time was the same as with so many bands i can lay claim to seeing without actually planning to or being cool enough to know what i was doing or what i was in for – at a matinee at the Iron Duke. And they were terrible! Sound problems, messing up their songs, indifferent crowd, basketball jerseys – a good impression was not made, and i was probably too into ska at the time to see clearly. I think they played with 28 Days.

Then about seven years passed. In that meantime i bought More Songs, called myself a fool for ever thinking poorly of this band, played it to death, and managed to not once see them again. Fast Cars, Slow Guitars came out in 2001(?) and it was even better (though from this retrospect maybe not) and played even further to death. This was the peak of the bell for me, still managing, as i am very adept, to stay at home every opportunity.

Then Sommerset seemed to disappear. Or maybe i disappeared. Not a trace, until i came upon mention of a new album and a show supporting Strike Anywhere. Bells on. And they were terrible! Slowed down, rockier, boring, hardly any of the songs played were those that raised that curve so high, and Ryan wore a stupid hat that may have had a feather attached. I did not buy that new album.

And, sadly, that was it for me and Sommerset. There was a whole lot of moving on done by me by then, so it’s not entirely the band’s fault. They released two really great albums at important times in my life, soundtracked them well, and are still fantastic to listen to. Sommerset, from Auckland, New Zealand.


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Dreaming – Allo, Darlin’

Song of the year for me, probably, if i don’t get over it by the year’s end. It really makes me feel good, wistful, normal, and connected to an undefined and often distant and restricted unassembled assembly of fun, carefree, in touch, mark-making, pretty young things. I don’t know why, but it is both an achievement and a personal asset that i love and can react appropriately to songs like this. It makes me feel as though i’m not as pathetic and lost as i think i am. I can be grounded. I need this to be my favourite song of the year.

I love it, even with the croony male vocals which this entire corner of the music world seems to have latched on to and determined this is how one should sing if one has male vocal chords. Who’s to blame? Stevie Jackson? Or an older model i’m oblivious to? The band name’s not all that great either.Yeah. Song of the year.

yeysysswithout an face

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Moving – Kate Bush

This woman…

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