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Love Me Do

Love me do – The Beatles

I like the Beatles. I do. I think rock’n’roll was fine before they came along, and i don’t think them essential, but what i do think is essential may not have existed or existed in different ways without the Beatles. Another band would have come along and become most if not all they were and signified. Markets are always filled. This was their first single. They were probably really proud and excited of it, the way all bands are releasing their first look-at-us offerings to the world.

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She Said She Said

She said she said – The Beatles

Oh wow, a Beatles song. And the only Beatles song i have on my computer. It’s not like i’ve purposely put up walls to prevent such a thing and one crept through. It just happens to be the only one. It must mean something to someone. There’s a reason it’s here. It came as part of a mix, or a recommendation, or appeared on a list and i just had to check it out.

It’s pretty good too. The world’s replete with Beatles information and it’s nice to know from a little research on this song that they thought Peter Fonda “boring” and “uncool”. They keep surprising me with how astute and upright they were.

sans soleil

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