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Smaller Cemeteries

Smaller cemeteries – Tiny Hawks

This now sounds very of its time. It was a time that looking back might have been the last days of emo holding any capital of cool, when it, or what was championed at least, became this mundane, dispirited, heady rock thing all too easy to remain dull towards. People started calling it post-hardcore as though a mechanism of distinction. Of course good bands still happened, but there was this trend towards midtempo plodding replete with guitar pull-offs and drum too-much-ness, all recorded by “good dudes” with headlong assuredness in analogue equipment and subscriptions to Tape-Op. This is entirely guitar pull-offs and drum too-much-ness, but for some reason excited me more than most other bands of that wave. Maybe because through all of it, it still got to where hardcore was meant to.

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