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Zaz turned blue – Polly Jean Harvey & Eric Drew Feldman

This is one of my mother’s songs. One of those songs that used to, with speakers aimed, fill our backyard as she gardened or just sat out there. Between this, my drumming and other obtrusive uses of music, and my sister’s dynamite raves, what did our neighbours think? There rarely was a daylight hour someone was home and music wasn’t blaring out of our house. I suppose all that noise could now be done with an iPod and kept within personal earspace, but i doubt my mum has progressed that far. She constructed a wonderful garden from really nothing, and i miss helping her in it, and i miss the music, from PJ Harvey to Klezmer music and always her choice, i and the lower east-side of Wilberforce were exposed to afternoon on afternoon.

This song is a Velvet Fog cover and i’ve never heard the original. Not for the lack of trying. A pretty powerful song about the catalysis of a young boy’s life being the near death experience that befell him as he played at wrestling with his friends. I should be able to relate to this.

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