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Sleepwalking – Ammonia

I can’t find my copy of this, so a youtube video will have to suffice. If anyone (out of no one) has Mint 400 or even Twelve or whichever Three Hours of Power compilation they were on, please send me the mp3. Here they are on Recovery in 1996 or 1997, i’m not sure, with Paul Dempsey filling in on second guitar and looking cooler than everyone else by simply having his hair cut short.

I once got this song played on the radio. I sometimes, but only maybe five times, went to work with my mum, staying in the break room, doing my homework, playing my gameboy, listening to the radio, eating the bounty of cakes they always had there, while she went in the containment room and did her job. My grandma had just died, so this was being babysat until Connar and i became full time latchkey kids. Anyway, they had a fax machine in there and i had no one supervising me. Scribbled on what paper i had were sent little, impassive hopes for songs i wanted to hear. For some reason, Michael Tunn and his request fest were more responsive to fax requests than any other type. The three songs i ever requested that were filled all were requested via fax, and all stemmed from the machine at my mother’s work. This song was one of those successes.

I always wondered and analysed why this song of all those i requested was played. It had fallen out of rotation, and there was no real reason to honour it. I have decided it was to fulfill an obligation Triple J felt towards this kind of music, responsible for its care and propagation, to not ignore their avowed philosophy. So instead of a song broadcast as wish granted to someone who wanted to hear it, i decide it’s the agenda-filling, checklist-crossing numbers game of a radio station trapped in a well meaning mission statement. This wasn’t even the song i meant to request. I wanted to hear the song that i thought was Sleepwalking but learned later was Ken Carter. That is a better song, but i was happy enough to hear this. It still sounds ok.

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