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The Fastest Legs

The fastest legs – Bogshed

I feel this could be video game music too. The guitar line especially. Some dungeon level or something. If there isn’t as well a game out there that aped this song for its soundtrack i say that it’s still prone. Someone should steal it. No one would care. Or maybe that’s precisely the kind of thing old people looking to secure their future financially with work they’ve done in their past do care about. Maybe all Bogshed songs could be made into video game music. I’ll have to look into that, and ruin the band for me in the process.

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Hell Bent On Death

Hell bent on death – Bogshed

So this song was written in 1986, or at least it was released then. Super Mario Bros. 2 (or Doki Doki Panic) was released in 1988. Maybe i’m crazy but put the boss fight music of SMB2 against the verse of this song and you will find enough similarities to warrant suspicion. I’m sure both songs sprouted independently of each other but aside from straight, credited homage, i’ve never heard a song fit into another so well. It’s more likely Bogshed being Nintendo players than the people at Nintendo being Bogshed listeners (though you never know…), but that would throw the chronology of everything off. So if it is true, Nintendo owe Bogshed a lot of money. They may have already settled with them, who knows? But who knew the internet would come and Bogshed wouldn’t fall to unressurected obscurity? They probably thought they could get away with it.

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