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So Fine

So Fine – Telepathe

Ohhhhh. Oooooooooo-ooooh. This is so much a song of the night. It is a song of the city (though a limitedly scoped city), of chance, of the unattached, of the cogitive, of possessed dispossessed, in tacitly demented company – every bearing, purpose, yearning common and implicit. Basically it is a song i feel removed from me. Then why do i love it so? I want so much to go to that Popfrenzy new years party – which has become Telepathe’s only Sydney show – but honestly that’s more being out of place and not knowing what to do with myself than i can handle.

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Lights Go Down

Lights go down – Telepathe

I’m completely unqualified for this, but boy do i love Telepathe. Another contender for my this-time-with-content best of 2009 list, if Dance Mother was even released this year and i’m not, like with most things, finding out about it two/three years too late. It’s the drums. It’s the vocals. It’s the sense of the starkness of a cold night, spent alone, i get from this. Something wistful there too. It’s everything about it to not limit it to the one or two elements that make it permissible for me to listen to and love this.

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