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Kings and princes – Rosemary’s Children

More proof that the list of unchecked amazing bands of the past is an endless and ever-rewarding one: Rosemary’s Children. The further you go… I can find no information on the band, apart from the way i found about them – listed on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved website as one of the great lost indie singles from years past with a wonderful, impassioned, erudite, “i was there” write-up (exactly the kind you’ll never find here). And it wasn’t even this song! The cool-older-sibling effect comes through again.

I guess that they were English, and research tells me they released one 12″ and one 7″. I am so glad to have found them. Now to find the record, which i’ve probably flipped past a thousand times for it being precisely the kind of nondescript, seemingly worthless second hand record i’ve learned to flip past.

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