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They don’t know – Tracey Ullman

It will always be the Tracey Ullman version for me. I’ve never heard the Kirsty McCall version. Apparently they are very, very similar. It’s use as the theme song for Tracey Takes On established it so. I’m not sure how it holds up, but i absolutely loved that show as a kid. That and Liquid Television set me up as the nerd i became, scouring television schedules well past prime time for lost and abandoned shows that might be of some worth.

I had no idea this was her career before her comedy one, nor did i know how successful she was at it. It took me until finding her record in Silver Rocket one day to realise it was actually her singing those opening credits. Talented, talented lady.

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Fushigi na tejina no you ni – Nitta Eri

I think i have an order to these things:
1st. Something about the Onyanko Club’s member number and maybe a little information past that if i know of any.
2nd. Something about the song. Whatever dumb thing i can wrench out of myself to write.
3rd. A performance video, if there is one.
4th. A video of someone covering the song, be it karaoke or with an instrument. Today i’ll post the sundaytube02 cover. She doesn’t play my favourite part of the song (the intro and outro) which is a little disappointing.
5th. Who knows….

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Black Moon

Black moon – Shin Min-ah

A drama song. We haven’t had one of those in a while. It’s in Arang and the Magistrate, one of my favourite dramas from last year. Hugely underrated, even appearing some nobodies’ worst of the year lists, it was a small ghost story set in Joseon times that, despite a restricted budget, created one of the most perfect, complete drama worlds and supernatural otherworlds i’ve yet seen. And one heck of a love story torn between those two worlds. Shin Min-ah starred in it and also, i found out today, sang this, which might be the best drama soundtrack song i’ve ever heard.

She is not primarily a singer and can’t belt out those typical soaring ballads, so what comes is this sweet, gentle whisper of a song that still carries in it all the longing, unrest and emotional surge of those bombastic, histrionic ones. It would be a better without the big production, the strings and the flute – everything that still traps it as an OST song – but as long as it is still reducible to her voice singing those three rising notes, there’s a magic here.

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Will he kiss me tonight? – Dolly Mixture

The reason for so many Dolly Mixture songs lately, more than any other time in the history of this thing, is that i finally have a car with a working CD player and the Everything and More boxset fits very snuggly in there. The only time i’ve taken the CD’s out has been to rip songs off it to post here. Anyway, we’ve been doing a lot of driving recently because we’re trying to move house, so that makes for a not constant but a lot of Dolly Mixture listening, and that makes for a lot of their songs appearing here. How catchy and perfect they all are might also have something to do with it. When all this stress of moving is over i guess i have songs to link to this time’s eventual nostalgia already prepared.

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Toki no kawa wo koete – Ushirogami Hikaretai

This is the only Ushirogami Hikaretai song i post. They do have other songs, quite good ones, but not today. Here’s its video. I think it’s its video. It’s just them singing on top of a volcano in harsh wind, getting particles and who knows but a vulcanologist what else blown into their eyes. Enjoy.

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Wave Away

Wave away – Dolly Mixture

To demonstrate how quickly they changed, this song came three years into their being and sounds worlds away from the band the began as. Well, not too many worlds away. There are apparent, reasonable trajectories that led them here, though i’ve always wondered if they were so brilliant from the get go, why did they ever bother to move away from it. To prove something to horrible British music press? Because they just became this band? Oh well. It’s no longer the drop into lesserness i once thought it was. I’ve grown to love it and now see it as integral, complete, unmistakeable, sublime Dolly Mixture, and my life is all the better for it.

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Married To A Frenchman

Married to a Frenchman – Polysics

Back when they were good. I cannot just say something like that anymore! What good has ever been done by some contrarian prude being on their high horse about that? It’s gross and of no use to anyone. But Polysics, the ever evolving, ever modifying machine they are, lend themselves to have their different versions preferred over others. I’m not sure what they sound like today, if they are still together, but this is how i met them and found everything i could ever want to latch on to. Surf synth new wave overdone to near unbearable levels and it was perfect.

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