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Noise Annoys

Noise annoys – Buzzcocks

I would say that this is my least favourite Buzzcocks song, but that might be because i never listen to it and i’ve built this image and fear of it based on what unformed taste i had as a teenager. Let’s listen again. It’s ok, but it’s the same things that get it the way: How it stops and starts and the guitariness of it all. It’s not what i am looking for. I’ll skip past it forever more, or at least for as long as i no longer trust the judgement i have made at this age. Because i am feeling particularly lazy and the room my copy of Singles Going Steady is in seems too far away, this is the Peel session version.


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I Don’t Mind

I don’t mind – Buzzcocks

The only worthwhile, lasting band of the first-tier, original English punk ones. Controversial opinions. And it’s not an issue of songwriting or knowing more than three chords or whatever other generous hallmark of unreductive accomplishment people give this music. It’s because of how objectively fantastic the Buzzcocks were, and because those other bands are boring if not terrible. It would be the better bands that came in the wake of possibility stirred up by that first wave that i believe their only relevance and effectiveness lies. And no band influenced and generated better ones than the Buzzcocks did.

I’m sure there are bands i’m grouping in that first wave that have their greatness still about them. I think i’m just caught on the Sex Pistols and the Clash, but moreso the Sex Pistols. Could X-Ray Specs and Siouxie and the Banshees be a part of it? They’re far from terrible. Blah. Hyperbole not bearing close examination.

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