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Straight girl – Skinned Teen

As i find hyperbolic claims and ill-founded, shaky yet outright affirmation the best way to get my stupid points out and across, today’s is that the Raooul/Skinned Teen split is the best of the Atlantic Ocean-spanning riot girl split records. And to support that claim and offer evidence of that record’s superiority here is a song that isn’t even on it. It can be found on a really great comp, Elastic Jet Mission, released by Slampt, as can other great songs by Milky Wimpshake, Lungleg, The Yummy Fur, Unseen, Golden Starlet, and others. Great songs on a great comp. Who’d have thought?

I never realised how much cursing is in this song. It’s making me blush. Skinned Teen were a really great band to find posthumously and have all effect of wash over me at a very opportune time in my life. As silly and disposable as they could seem, they were never so and were as vital, important, informed and alert as the best of bands.

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