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Friday, June 7th:
Naze? no arashi – Yoshizawa Akie

Saturday, June 8th:
Song for a future generation – The B-52’s

Sunday, June 9th:
Boys in town – The Divinyls

Monday, June 10th:
Jock gestapo – Born Against

Tuesday, June 11th:
Lucky star – Madonna

Thus ends another semester of treading water and pushing the where i want to be (or where i should already be at this pathetic stage of my life) to even further unreachable unknowns. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday today. She’s a babe.

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Sendero – Born Against

I remember this to be one of the songs Consider This A Threat/Ex-Spectator used to cover in their sets. Possibly only once because they covered a lot of songs. And they always seemed to be the certain songs by bands that i know aren’t their best but still those i like the most, like this one.

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Sendero – Born Against

This is not my favourite Born Against song, but it must be one of the greatest songs ever written. It’s like i want something else from Born Against – use them for different reasons. I don’t know. It was record fair day again today, and in what has become something of a tradition, i’m going to tell you what i bought:

Attraction action reaction – The Aislers Set
Stickleback – The Edsel Auctioneer
Troubled times – Thee Headcoats
Sugarloaf/Waterboy – Lincoln
Normal man – Men’s Recovery Project
Blip – Minimum Chips
Makes me high – Small
Standfast 2000 E.P. – What Happens Next?
Sebadoh/Azalia Snail split
Shank/Minute Manifesto split

the first Boys Life LP
Wasted dream – Death Side
Whatever – Doughboys
In passing – The Farewell Bend
Trouble’s a ‘ brewin’ – Floodgate
Purity and control – Giants Chair
Unsolved – Karate
Cypress – Let’s Active
Lazy ways – Marine Girls
Coded messages in slowed down songs – Shank
Funeral at the movies – Shudder To Think
Crush kill destroy – Spazz
the first Possessed To Skate comp.

It was the first record fair i’ve ever been to where i’ve bought more LP’s than 7″‘s, but that’s the state of record collecting nowdays. The resurgence in record popularity is an album-led one, one reaching back to some late 60’s whitewashing definition of the album being king. No one thinks anyone wants 7″ records. It doesn’t fit into the retro picture, so hardly anyone deals in them. It’s sad.

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Half Mast

Half mast – Born Against

I remember Kylie who did Personality Liberation Front declaring this the best Born Against song in one issue of that zine. I’m not sure i agree, but enlightened and esteemed people were always positioning Born Against in the highest strata of bands and for the longest time (and i have a feeling this is a common thing) i didn’t quite get them. They seemed to me this ugly, impenetrable mess with indigestible vocals and a sound too far removed from the hardcore i was familiar with, but all the while with incredible lyrics, and the reverence of so many people i had slight reverence for myself. Then with time it all came together, and i came to revere Born Against absolutely. It takes time.

Watch me speak beyond grasp. I have now enough intuition to realise Born Against were not so contrastly deformed in their approach to this music as i once felt. There was nothing too unusual about them. Only when stacked against those generic hardcore bands i once found too palatable do they seem so shocking and atypical. And stacked against those generic hardcore bands, playing with them, negotiating themselves around them, reacting to them, hardcore not existing in such disparate scenes then, is where Born Against became the great band they were, and achieved singularity not in sound, but in attitude, in scope, and in conduct. And in precociousness.

They were the better side of that all-encompassing range of beliefs, attitudes and ethics in hardcore at the time. Born Against were spat out from and spat back so well at America and the microcosmic America of the hardcore scene, and i am, as so many are/were, retroactively or coincidentally, thankful they existed, and amazed and inspired by everything they did during that existence. What am i trying to say? One of the most important, refreshing and inspirational bands ever. I know that now.


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