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Love My Way

Love my way – Psychedelic Furs

This song is so weird. Those wafting synth string lines, the falsetto backing vocals that seem just to be making fun, Richard Butler’s voice and how he sings “hear-ar-art” and “fa-a-ace”, the demented starkness of it all. Great, but weird. Fold me in it, leave me in a room somewhere.



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Love My Way

Love my way – The Psychedelic Furs

Perfect, pretty much. A band i slept on for far too long, keeping distance as Makeoutclub and Livejournal drew a clear line of coolness with me on one side looking in with dispossession and scornful jealousy to bunch of very attractive, well dressed, sophisticated young people doing youth right, who caught that resurgence of English 80’s bands, holding on tight with all sense of patrimony and guiding light. I’ve been an idiot for some time now. I held/hold myself this way without prejudice, just… a longing, an inadequacy, being unappreciated, which i suppose sometimes can draw some ugly sentiment.

So now, with that bubble somewhat burst, i open myself to much of what once was an outward lifestyle enhancement of a person who once made me feel inferior. And i’m having a good time with it. Growing up, laughing at what made me once feel so small (has anyone been to Makeoutclub recently?). Finding new ways to feel just as small. Yup.

voice of the nightingale

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