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Blindly – Heroin

One of my more formative and valuable days of that youth i once had and am waving goodbye to (even though i was no doubt waving goodbye to it from the same lamentative distance on this day as i am today) was the day i skipped an excursion to… somewhere, and took a train into the city to buy records and see a movie. That’s me right there. Utopia Records at this time still had enough surprises in residual stock and at prices still low enough to consider purchasing, and it was close enough to a train station, so it was there i headed. And it was there i found the Moss Icon Lyburnum CD and the Heroin discography – two of the greatest CDs i have ever brought home with me. Check two off the Fourfa list.

At that time, at my most nascent understanding of what emo was, and when i was at my more moody and lovelorn, i was inviting in and expecting the genre (….) to give agency and fuel to what heartache and desolation those years impel us towards. That was emo to me: the tears aspect, but emotion strict and defined to girls and to being lonely. That is emo to many – the successful, mainline intelligence of emo. And then i bring these two CDs home with me, both lauded as imperative listening in the genre, expecting them both to fit into and foster my conception.

They sounded like nothing i was assured they would. They were the best things i had ever heard. They were angry, they were complex, they were political, they were personal in expansive ways, they were open, they were obscure, it wasn’t all abstract poetry but something more direct and sincere, and they simply were just an extension, a better path taken, of all hardcore i had heard before. I’m glad to know this music as well as i have come to.

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