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Bing Bing

Bing bing – Crayon Pop

As a Crayon Pop fan since day one… I don’t know what i’m trying to say. Maybe i’m trying to brag about it and say i liked them before they were cool. Yes, before the weird, tracksuit and helmet-wearing, interchangeably Asian girls who broke through the youtube meme barrier became cool. Glad to be ahead of that curve. But really they’ve always been good, despite, just as much as because of, their gimmickness, and deserve to have life and popularity outside of this internet fifteen minutes. I’m so happy they’re successful, i just hope this level of success isn’t solely attributed to the gimmicks and they aren’t swallowed in trying to recapture it. Their willingness to be fun and goofy was such a breathe of fresh air, and they’ve been so smart with it so far – the guerilla concerts, the social media reaching out, etc. – and the songs are there… … Don’t screw it up.

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Number 9

Number 9 – T-ara

Their new single, and being the T-ara stan i am i’ve been listening to it obsessively since. I don’t have the proclivity for shame to make my own youtube MV reaction video yet, so i will just say here that i like it very much, it’s a step up from Sexy Love, but it’s not breaking away from the Shinsadong Tiger disco beat synth pattern they seem stuck in. I guess it makes sense not to. It’s worked in the past and the climate surrounding them as it is, maybe it’s better to play things safe. And they’re back to 6 members, like the past few years and all the things that lead to the climate surrounding them never happened. Pop music can do that. In the shuffledown, Qri and Boram now get somewhat significant parts which is great. The English use in the “I’m addict” breakdown and the repeated “Number 9” voice i could do without, but the chorus is great, the whole thing flows as well as anything, and it’s just so good to have them back and working.

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선물 – Kim Wan Sun

Deep cuts. Converted from a youtube video so sorry for the audio quality. It’s incredible that i even found it, so i’m thankful for that. As disappointed as i was to find the version of 나홀로뜰앞에서 on her second album was not the same as the single version, it’s still quite good, and it gives way for the other album tracks of which this is one of the best. The tempo and the way her voices rises breathlessly as she squeezes everything out during the chorus. I’m assuming this song would have been popular at noraebangs at the time, people’s voices cracking and passing out trying to keep up with her.

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To My Boyfriend

To my boyfriend – Fin.K.L

Part of me wishes i had relented and gotten more into Starcraft in school because then i might have had a head start on this stuff. The name Fin.K.L seemed so recognisable to me when i heard it jumping into this when i did, and i think it’s because of pop up ads and other mess found at internet cafes, Korean-run as they all seem to be. Forever Love seemed like the most familiar song in the world when i heard it (again?). But would have i been ready for it back then? I say yes, and possibly more fanatically. Though the paths of fan subtitling and streaming video weren’t open then, and still barely are for K-pop pre-2009. I guess i just would have spent a lot of time in internet cafes. A lot more time in internet cafes.

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NU ABO – f(x)

I don’t know my blood type. Is that so crazy? Everyone i’ve admitted it to seems to think so, but i think i might be admitting it to doctor-goers and people who place too much stake in fate and blood type’s hand in it. Secretly i hope i’m type B (just like Kawai Sonoko) but more so i hope never to find out, to never need to find out.

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Gee – 소녀시대

The space in that dropped beat during the chorus is the infinity of every glorious thing that could float through life made possible.

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Sunday, June 2nd:
Loveable – Kim Jong Kook

Monday, June 3rd:
50th and Bay – Dirt Bike Annie

Tuesday, June 4th:
Aishu no carnaval – Kawai Sonoko


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