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Corpse pose – Unwound

“What’s that Unwound song that goes ‘Whoaar. Oaar’?” I must have asked Alex that question five times now. Either he’s forgiving, forgetful, or is accumulating a list of my embarrassing music ignorances for some someday sinister use. Corpse Pose. It is embarrassing. On two fronts: One, i have no ability to hear, absorb and comprehend lyrics without a lyric sheet in front of me; Two, i’ve heard pathetically little of Unwound.

Despite my lack of knowledge of the band and their songs, i know for certain that they are one of the greatest bands to have ever existed. If you could call what i’ve heard sufficient enough to apply that label to them, then i designate them a greatest band. They are such. There’s a kind of self-evidence to their greatness, as though they need not exist in any tangible, audible form. From just record covers, song titles, their gear list, what they were doing and how and when they were doing it, their origins, their uniqueness, their imperative – it builds this ethos of a band i’m more than (un)ready to ascribe majesty towards. I do not know what they are singing about, i can’t lineate their music and progression, i can’t rank their albums or have a favourite song, i can’t recommend their music or speak of them with any sense of authority, i have no right to call myself a fan, but they are, they must be, one of the greatest bands.

Then there are those, both musically credible famous people and musically credible people i know, who cite them as their favourite or near-to-favourite band. With references like that, who needs personal experience to make such claims. Then you have the music, which, when i latch on to it and listen uncasually enough, floors me every time. So do i need further exploration to confirm something i’m already certain of? Of course i do. I’m sure Unwound would like it better if i were to appreciate them with a more wholistic grasp of their creative output and not just on the level i am appreciating now, which is tantamount to namedropping. It will be rewarding like nothing else. Why do i put things off?

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