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We put the spring in Springfield – Residents of Springfield and Employees of Maison Derrière

Morals and ethics and carnal forbearance….

eugene and rusty

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You’re wife don’t understand you – Lurleen Lumpkin

Thinking about it, if i were to be completely honest about what song i’ve heard most in my life, it would be the theme song to The Simpsons. And if i were to be completely honest about what runs through my mind the most, it would be scenes, sometimes whole episodes, of The Simpsons. Where would we be without this show? What would fill the void? How much ice has been broken, laughter and joy produced, or people’s character affirmed by relating through Simpsons? There aren’t many awkward moments i’ve not settled or had settled with “So… do you like… stuff?” or some other relevant quote. It’s so easy, but so universally congenial. And how much has it given us? An indispensable commodity. Where would we be? It is The single greatest creative product of our time.

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