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Puppies are sweet – Shut The Fuck Up

I’m no great connoisseur of heavy music. I enjoy it, love a fair bit of it, but in as much as having the power and wherewithal to validate the doom, the brutal, those that are most brutal, those that are bona fide and those that are pretending fools – to gauge such things – is beyond me. I’m sure a lot of the time i get it wrong, but i think Shut The Fuck Up are real and not at all wack. They seem like the kind of people whose approval on something i would wait for before casting my own. They seem themselves true, viable connoisseurs of heavy music. And this song rules. The twin basses making a noise that might not be now heavy and brutal enough, but is based enough in the unfeigned it makes it all the better. I know what i likes and i likes this. I’m such a nerd.

the pointsman

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