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My melody – Funny Little Dream

It is of my opinion and bare impression that South East Asia has been the most exciting place for indie pop music these past few years. There has been a boom, with incredible bands from Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and elsewhere networking together, touring, releasing and distributing things to each other. A lot of them are very successful for the little pop bands they are, appearing on TV and getting good press coverage in their respective countries, but it all exists, remains, yet thrives within its regional cloister. Why it happened there i don’t know. Of course it should happen, and the really strong networks there and the internet enabled it, but what led to it beyond people in those countries realising this is the best music to make? I should just be glad it did happen.

Of course Australia is not part of that network and never looks to its closest neighbours to share, influence and be influenced by anything, and perhaps because of that nothing equivalent to the South East Asian indie boom has happened here. And no one here has made any strong effort to link up with it, so i have to look elsewhere to find out about its bands and happenings. Funny Little Dream make some of my favourite music in the the world. They are Peppy and Ganesha from Indonesia, one of the closest countries to my own, yet i find out about them through labels like Cloudberry and Dufflecoat.

It seems wrong. We should be talking to each other, sharing. It has happened somewhat on the more hardcore punk front, yet it hasn’t happened here on the wimp front. It seems reflective of the greater way we view (read: overlook, other) the region, politically, economically, socially. We never want to admit we are part of it. Why would anyone not want to part of this?

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