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Movie Clock Star

Movie clock star – Braid

And this is the best Braid song. The song that taught me that odd time needn’t be excessive notes piled on and counted just to make a song more interesting. It may have actually been that way when they were writing it, but the 5/4 works so effortlessly, like the song couldn’t have flown out any other way. Everything in early Braid felt that way, and this is its apex. Look at me holding opinions.

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Capricorn – Braid

Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5 is my favourite Braid album. The other two are just collections of incredible songs, compiled at a digestible size. Their first is the most perfect summation of a youth you can do nothing but feel intensely about things and express them clumsily in. I love how ill-advised the whole thing is. Twenty-six songs on a debut album, one for each letter of the alphabet – all them great, even the ones they so obviously threw together to make up the numbers. The drums are too loud, the guitars are too low and full of gain, everything is too busy, everything is too much, but it is all so perfect. It is not an album of a band finding their feet, but one born out of a moment where this is all Braid knew, this is all they ever needed to know, and its all they could manage to articulate, the only way they could. It is too much only because it had to be everything.

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Thursday, July 26th:
Outer space – The Muffs

Friday, July 27th:
Path – Lee Jae Min

Saturday, July 28th:
Simple minds – Dag Nasty

Sunday, July 29th:
Collect call from Clark Kent – Braid

Monday, July 30th:
Dead on the floor – Pink Collar Jobs

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I went to Adelaide to record and play a show and reconnect with people who mean a bunch to me and others who could potentially, so that’s where i’ve been. It kinda stinks to be back home, but that’s expected.
Thursday: The boys – Girls’ Generation

Friday: Sorry Again – Velocity Girl

Saturday: Nauseous – Koro

Sunday: Order no. 270 – Calvary

Monday: Tripping wires – Velocity Girl

Tuesday: Do you love coffee? – Braid

I like how it begins with SNSD and then returns to things i shouldn’t be ashamed of. Less ashamed of. How i am when left alone vs. how i am when i’m with people. The correcting of company. Good company. Thank you, everyone.

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Eulalia, Eulalia

Eulalia, Eulalia – Braid

In the Braid video, this song is used to soundtrack a photograph montage scene towards the end. Photos of Braid throughout their career, live and promotional, set to one of my favourite songs. It’s about this time it all becomes too much for me and i’m despondent, crippled in loss, ineffect and dispirit, weeping if my body can function at all. It’s what this band means to me. And it is the distance between that life – those images, that sound, and all in those who made it – and my own. The life, the experience, the company, the affect. Ho hum. Time to make myself feel desperate again.

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A Dozen Roses

A dozen roses – Braid

I love Braid every bit as much as i do Rilo Kiley, and they mean possibly even more to the me who needs music to mean things to him. Also, i’m less embarrassed to admit it. However, A Dozen Roses is easily my least favourite Braid song. It’s just so jarring on the album, such a letdown, especially given its pride of place in starting side two. It doesn’t seem at all like a Braid song, or seems like a Braid song for the Braid that would have happened had they not broken up. A grim vision of things to come.

It’s still a good song. I don’t put the needle one song in when i turn Frame and Canvas over. It is a lot of peoples’ favourite. It just seems stripped of everything that made Braid as great as they were. Or it’s had a lot unfun, conventional and other weights lumped on to it. I don’t know. You can tell Bob is really proud of it. It sounded the best thing ever when Bob played it, just him and a guitar, when he toured here a few years ago. It made many of our lives complete.

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What a wonderful puddle – Braid

Last night i divined this song to be the 21st greatest song ever written. Tried as i did, i just couldn’t force it into the top 20. It’s a one song per band list, so this could have stood for any number of Braid songs, but i really do think this is my favourite. I’m sure i’m wrong about that. I’m just glad that when i finally muscled down and made this list there was a Braid song this close to the top. It meant something. They mean something. So many bands i would fuse permanently to a top 20 bands list didn’t get a song on this list. Braid too, i guess. Almost.

No band has made me cry more than Braid. And it’s not their music, or not only their music. It is distance. The distance between me and them. The ever growing distance between me and every once permissible, excusable, resonant effect gained from them. The distance between me and the chance i’ll ever create something close to this. The distance between how i feel when swept up with this and the emptiness and reality i’m left with once it is passed. The distance between cities and scenes in the US that allow the bands, the touring schedules, the affected youth to be born and exist the way they do and never will here. The distance between 3am and a respectable bedtime wanting on wanting to drown myself in them pushes further and further back. Listen to their records, then watch the video, carry your drained, harassed, obsolete, ineffective body around freezing streets in the middle of the night to a nowhere you knew you’d find before you stepped outside, come home, look in the mirror, contemplate not sleeping at all…

It’s always been like this. Even at an age this all seemed possible would happen to me, or i believed it could happen to me, i’ve always felt this way with Braid. Growing up done right. Growing up. Grown up.

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