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Another day with an unknown song i’ll never figure out. A 90’s hard rock/metal song with chorus lyrics that drawl something like: “The aspirin heals the pain” or “the ashtray kills the day” or “my eyes, they’re near my brain.” I think the guitar comes in late in the chorus too, because it’s fooling around too much being discordant before it to catch up. I picture the band having spiky hair. It doesn’t seem like the sort of song i’ll cry over not having concretely in my life.

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It’s Korean, male vocals (which probably explains why i don’t know), very strong; the song upbeat, almost trot like. The lyrics in the chorus go something like “melo melo melo melo” but i think that’s just what i’m hearing as opposed to what they actually are. I watch too much TV and absorb too many songs from it. Ugh. Today is a day off from this then.

months later edit: I think it was Black cat Nero by Turbo.

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