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Polyrhythm – Perfume

Why doesn’t pop music use odd time signatures more often? Ease of dancing most likely; sticking to a working convention, as well. But even an in-the-West traditionally very danceable signature like 3/4 never happens. Not to want to lead it down a mathy path of sophistry, but i think its a device that could be employed with success, and without too much distraction. In better ways than this song, even. Not for the sake of being clever but to give it a new beat.

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Natural Ni Koishite

Natural ni koishite – Perfume

From Bandstand to Tiger Beat to MTV and now youtube, pop music is as much a visual thing as it is an aural one. Pop music is a product to be sold and must therefore be advertised. The video. It is how i was first and continually am sold on these groups and their songs, and being at the beginnings of this journey, still wildly evangelical because no one has yet shamed or reproached me about it, i feel obliged to impart to you exactly what has so thoroughly overtaken me.

Perfume have the best videos.

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Voice – Perfume

Ok, let’s do Japan today. As said yesterday, i’ve just begun this journey. I’m learning all this pretty much as i write, so apologies to those smart people who know and love all this stuff already. And, if i stick with it and sink into this mountain, apologies to the future me.

Perfume (パフューム), from Hiroshima, have managed to limit themselves to only three members. Possibly because they’ve been at this a long time and the super(fluous) groups only seem a recent innovation. Eleven years, and it is in my rube opinion that they are doing their best work at the moment. This song was released last year marking their ten year anniversary and might be my favourite of theirs, if only for its incredible video (or PV – this music has a vocabulary all of its own). Craft, dance and Hole In The Wall – the three things i love most.

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