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This perfect day – The Saints

This perfect song. It all made sense to me – the Saints – through this song. (I’m) Stranded is great and all, but this to me is everything of the time bomb we’ve been told that first single was. It’s everything the Saints have been praised for, with none of the affected snarl and privileged-kid-play-acting rock’n’roll i’ve found in their other work. There’s something pure here. There’s something essential, something the apotheosis of everything they’ve been credited for. Such a fantastic song. Why we aren’t given this song along with our Australian citizenships like we are (I’m) Stranded i don’t know. Maybe because this song was recorded and first released in England. Shhhh…..

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(I’m) Stranded

(I’m) Stranded – The Saints

I wish i knew more about the police situation in Queensland under Bjelke-Petersen, and how it affected bands and people like the Saints, or people even further out of line of that guy’s dream for his state. It seems an interesting story, but not one i trust rock journalism or biography to tell. Good song, this. Maybe it’s a little long, I’m sure it changed some lives.


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