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Moving – Kate Bush

This woman…

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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

Similarities between the Kate Bush who wrote Wuthering Heights and myself.

  • We’ve both only seen the Timothy Dalton movie and have never read the actual book.
  • We’re both (i think) polite, nice people.
  • ummm……

Differences between the Kate Bush who wrote Wuthering Heights and myself.

  • She is boundlessly talented, prodigious and imaginative. I’m a talentless waste of space who will never achieve let alone envision anything she had by twenty years old.
  • She can play the piano well. I can play a few chords but i have to use two hands.
  • She is an incredible dancer and choreographer – legs, arms, eyes, fingertips interpreting and bringing about every ardent story and concept she has. I took a semester’s worth of Salsa lessons once.
  • She is charming and people like her. People love her. I love her.
  • She had a song like Wuthering Heights in her. I guess i do too, but it is not anything of my own genius, but that very song, as gift from her.

    I listened to this as i drove home from my mum’s house yesterday, taking the longest route possible*. All of Kate Bush’s albums listened to chronologically was my goal. I got as far as Never For Ever when i made it home. I was on West Portland Road when this song played.

    Wuthering Heights has to be one of my five most favourite songs. It has to be. Never mind how many other songs i’ve crammed into that five – it has to be in there. From it being my mother’s song, a song she played for herself but we still heard and were affected by as kids; this wonderful song by that odd lady with the high voice in red spinning around in the woodlands, in turn inspiring us to spin around squealing high pitch: “Out on the wiley, windy moors…”; to this independence where i seem to be increasingly retracing my mother’s own music exploration. Always this song.

    The feeling this song gives me, every time… Her voice, everything. Perfect. Even the guitar solo towards the end – the most excusable of dated musical intrusions. The whole song is too wonderful for anything to dampen it.

    * For interest and footsteps retracing’s sake: Wilberforce to Ebenezer and Tizanna Road; up West Portland Road until Lower Colo Road, winding through that until reaching the Colo River bridge at Putty Road; going under the bridge and along Upper Colo Road; turning left onto Comleroy Road, going over the mountain to Wheeny Creek, and onward forever until Bells Line of Road; up through Bilpin, Berambing, Mt. Tomah, all that, to Bell; Darling Causeway to Mt. Victoria; the highway to home, going the golf course/scenic world way. I guess i could have traveled a longer route. The ferries were out though. Cars rule. Having a car rules.
    wufferin heightz

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The man with the child in his eyes – Kate Bush

This is my favourite performance of this song, although i’ve still never seen her appearance on Saturday Night Live. It’s just Kate, a piano, and some superimposed dancing, which i guess is what it’s always been save for the string section. Kate Bush, ages 13 to 20, everyone.

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