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Remain – I Spy

This has always been my favourite I Spy song, i think i’ll forever keep as that. It is probably their most conventional, and if i were to give up a few things inside me i could maybe be cooler and have a better favourite I Spy song. But this is it. I guess it reaches me on a base level. About the unaltered scape of the shit that needs kicking against no matter how much hardcore (or beyond) has promised and laid to it.

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Half The Population

Half the population – I Spy

I remember aaaaages ago having the first few lines of this song as my handle on MSN and having someone call me out on it, suggesting to me that i change immediately such emo posture and mindset. Oh, if only it were that simple. The lyrics and message of this song i mean, not the ability to change personality (also not very simple).

We (Independent Thought Alarm) are playing a show tonight at Jura bookstore (440 Parramatta Road, whatever suburb that stretch of Parramatta road lies in [either Lewisham, Petersham or Stanmore]), and coincidentally are covering this song. Come along and see us ruin it, yet align ourselves outright with every sentiment of it.

nights o cabiria

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