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I don’t know.

Yeah, i don’t know. It’s a summery kind of song and has this repeating guitar line, with what i want to say is a… warm guitar, with an accompanying falsetto “do dododo do do do.” Tabbed thus:


It’s an old song. I want to say it’s a Recovery-era song, but i think every song is a Recovery-era song because that’s the only time in my life i was keeping up with newly released music. It’s sounds like late Dinosaur Jr. It’s not, though. Oh well. A song lost. The following image is from a movie called The American Astronaut.

am astro

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The Hanukkah Scoot

The Hanukkah scoot – Bunnygrunt

I don’t know why there aren’t more Hanukkah songs in pop music. There’s that My Pal God Records’ Holiday Record where The Goblins do Ha-Ha-Hanukkah and Atom and his Package just sing about what the void of a day Christmas is. I’m sure the Klezmatics have a song or two, and i could have sworn there was a Vandals song. Then there’s that Adam Sandler song, but beyond that is there anything? I can list so many Christmas songs. So many punk rock Christmas compilations, so many indie-pop, so many Mariah Carey albums. This song itself is alone on a Christmas record. Maybe it’s the circle i’m in. The representation does still seem a little low. Give me Klezmer over a Christmas carol any day.


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Pork And Beans

Pork and beans – Weezer

It seems reflexive to say something like how the mighty have fallen, but i think i’d have to go back and relisten to those first two albums, and then actually listen to the last decade of releases beyond the singles, to actually declare something like that. Still, it seems a pretty safe, accurate and unanimous claim to make. Weezer seem relevant only to the existence and propagation of modern alternative rock radio, the commercials, muzak, high school party stereos and movie soundtracks that source this music for this certain feel, and to those jump up and down music festival mosh kids who all have to start somewhere. It’s probable they only ever always were.


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Feed The Tree

Feed the tree – Belly

Wow. Remember this song? I didn’t until this morning, when it popped into my head without anything as recent as ten years ago i could blame for putting it there. I used to love this song when i didn’t have so many songs to love. I think it’s the only Belly song i’ve ever heard, unless another song of their’s video was played on Rage enough for me to notice it. It’s still pretty good, and exactly how i remember it, though now i would say that the intro is its best part.

And research tells me Belly are ex-Verbal Assault! Post-hardcore.


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Heaven in a black leather jacket – The 6ths

I know it wasn’t its intention, but the different voices set to each of these songs counters absolutely those detractors of Stephin Merritt’s voice. This is of course my opinion (and again an opinion out of line with the whole point of this band). On every song on this album i, while not wishing for it, keep drawing back to what it would be like as a Magnetic Fields song, and why it isn’t. The vocals. Oh well. Get over it. Get into it. Concept and execution. Robert Scott from the Bats was chosen to sing this.


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Did you lose something – Days of Iris

The last time i was in Melbourne, i had a chauffeuring assignment to drive Mr. Tenzenmen to Melbourne’s version of Central Station, driving his car, making him on time for his flight back home. What an honour! No, really, it was a nice drive into the city at sunrise and, for it being the first time i had spent any length of time alone with him, it was surprisingly comfortable and conversation ran freely enough. And i drove his car well enough for him to never once reprimand me.

We didn’t listen to any music the way there, or if we did it was the radio or the CD already in the stereo turned low. As soon as i dropped him off and the drive became mine alone, i reached into his glovebox and pulled out what i could find. It was a good selection. Not his, but ours/Lawrence’s we brought down with us. Most of it had been exhausted on the drive down, so i pulled the Days of Iris CD out. It was Melbourne. Why not?

It was so fitting. Exhilarating. The perfect soundtrack for a 5:30am drive along flat, wide, then trafficless, tramless, well-planned streets of a city that just may be as great as everyone, every migration, everything they have there that is lacking elsewhere, everything that is cherished there, says it is. In a city i don’t even know where east points, this was one of the best solo sunrises of my life.

I took the longest way possible without getting lost, Days of Iris playing the whole time. I made it play through twice before finding my way back to Mountfield. I missed my one chance to see them, so forever Days of Iris remain one of those insular Melbourne secrets. This drive was like, in a way, unlocking that secret. Absorbing the city that produced the band. Understanding it. Relishing it. Though it were probably not it’s empty streets, dawn, driving, and being alone that delivered the world this all too shortly-lived, wonderful band.

prince achmed

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Inside Mumbo’s hut – Grant Kirkhope

I don’t know why but i am playing Banjo Kazooie again. Maybe to actually finish it, which is something my sister did but i never. It was her game after all. That one, magical Christmas when we got our Nintendo 64 and split the games between us – Banjo Kazooie and 1080º Snowboarding for her, Ocarina of Time and WCW vs. NWO Revenge for me. Yes, we got our 64 Christmas of 1998, two years after everyone else. It was still a ticket to an echelon of cool in school i hadn’t achieved since my NES days. Playing it again now is like a ticket to staying up to 4 in the morning with no one to brag about progress, discovery, etc. to; no one to trade games, follow news, spend time after school, get excited with. Maybe video games are for losers after all.


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Ceremony – Galaxie 500

Here’s another scoffable gap of mine: I don’t think i’ve ever heard the original version of this song. To compound that, i don’t even know if it’s a Joy Division (late or posthumous) or a New Order song. Of course i could research it, find out and fill that gap, but i think it’s important to be honest and open about things, so, here, take me at my woeful, shameful ignorance or don’t take me at all. No, come back!

I have read reputable sources saying this cover is superior to the original, however. They’re no doubt wrong and sacrilegious, but why should that take away anything from this version?

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Can i play with madness – Iron Maiden

One of life’s little struggles for the casual Iron Maiden fan is whether or not it’s worth listening to anything beyond Powerslave. Unaligned, not a matter of life and death, when you are removed enough to walk away at any time, when you can pick and choose, it gets a little easier to discount two-thirds of a band’s output for “the good stuff”. Still, from what i’ve heard, this song being part of this argument, it’s not as easier and worthwhile a disregard as cutting Metallica off at And Justice For All. I don’t think i’ve ever heard a Blaze Bayley sung song, though.

ace in the hole

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The saddest story ever told – The Magnetic Fields

Those days are gone
You and I were young those summer nights
You’ll see the world
diving for a girl you’ll never find
And then we’ll quietly grow old…
the saddest story ever told.

If i ever were to find myself in conversation with Stephin Merrit (and don’t think that i haven’t dreamt of such an occurrence), one of my inroads would be the changing of the pronoun from “he” to “her” when the Beach Boys covered the Crystals’ Then He Kissed Me (which he aped for this song’s intro) and made it Then I Kissed Her. The shift of power, the setting of order, why they had to change it in the first place and what would have happened if they left the original lyrics intact. Then i’d lead in to that scene in Adventures in Babysitting, ask him if he has seen it, and struggle to resume comfortable conversation flow after he bluntly replies “No.”

It’s probably a terrible idea, and a route of conversation best left to the deaf ears an mp3 blog falls on. Wait for it. At the best of times i think more typically nice, open, enthusiastic people hate me, think me uninteresting, or don’t think of me at all, so how am i supposed to handle conversation with the most reputedly dour person in music? Still, i’d like to think it would work, and i’d like to think i’d be a hit. Pointless, unappealing, inurbane, ineffective, removed from pertinent discussion and action in this world, i still think i have somewhat good ideas about things.

morning glory

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