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Yesterday: Different kind of girl – The Beat

Today: Yesterday: With you – The Blue

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Wednesday, July 11th:
Don’t wait up for me – The Beat

Thursday, July 12th:
El sueño de mi vida – Cola Jet Set

Friday, July 13th (ooooh):
Apple is A – T-ara

Saturday, July 14th:
Like a secret – Jawbreaker

Sunday, July 15th:
Alone – Sistar

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Don’t wait up for me – The Beat

Today: El sueño de mi vida – Cola Jet Set

Let this wonderful, wonderful song serve as the umbrella for this mountain of shit that i have coming my way today. A mountain of shit i deserve. I hate myself. I hate how i am. I hate how i will never, ever change.

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I’m sorry. School’s getting in the way.. Yesterday’s song was…
Love Rain – Kim Tae Woo

and today’s is…
Walking out on love – The Beat

One of the better songs ever written, but one i’m worried i might be liking less and less every time i listen to it. I hope not. The first time i did hear it i was so floored by it, and i just haven’t been able to find that feeling again. Or it’s there, just not as much, and anything less hurts. I think i may have heard the single version first, if there even exists a single version. Maybe that’s it. If i found that single version again.

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Different Kind Of Girl

Different kind of girl – The Beat

The (American) Beat. The (better [just]) Beat. Paul Collins’ Beat. A simply perfect song. Wonderful construction, wonderful melody, wonderful tempo, wonderful feel, ok lyrics. One of the best songs from one of the best ever songwriters. The Nerves, the Breakaways, the Beat, and he still plays around! If ever the world was better for someone one day deciding to play guitar… And few have ever looked as good behind one.

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