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Pretender – Hoover

Last night at the Bloodclot Faggots show, a friend of a friend used the show’s location to buy some records in between bands, something that seems not right to me but what do i know? He wanted The Lurid Traversal of Route 7. He knew he wanted it but he had never heard it. Both for the sake of being social and the sake of having this record in another’s hands, i felt i had to sell him on it.

I am terrible at talking about music. Noticed? All i could come up with were messes of cliched praise given and given often to all kinds of shitty music. “In my top ten records of all time,” i said. “The best record Dischord ever released,” i added ( sincerely). I’m glad there exists this discourse of music where i can say seemingly trite, empty things and they can possibly still be effective despite their inanity. “The best bass sound ever put to a record.” Something also about the interplay between that bass, the guitars and the drums. I mean everything. It just never seems effective. It just never seems good enough.

Anyway, he bought it. We listened to it back at friend’s houseafterwards, in a separate room to the stereo it played on, he for the first time, me for the first time in company.

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