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What difference does it make? – The Smiths

So my “First line of Smiths’ songs = Titles of Smiths songs” theory has disproof. A fair bit of disproof, actually. Sub theory: If the first should fail, whatever string of words Morrissey sings most frequently and repeatedly in a song, especially towards the end of a song, could also be the title of a song. e.g. Here, This Charming Man, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Is there a Smiths song where the title is not mentioned once in the lyrics? That would just leave me weeping and wetting myself in a corner. My world and how i deal with and survive in it, smashed into pieces.

fog line

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Girlfriend In A Coma

Girlfriend in a coma – The Smiths

Three from three! Pack me up and send me to the nearest hip, young thing party. Seriously, do. It’s a Friday, i’m not working, and like i ever have plans for a Friday night. Like i ever know what’s going on on a Friday night. Like i ever make an effort to know. I do sit earnestly and pathetically by the phone. Rest assured.

Anyway, it’s not 2001 anymore. The time for the Smiths as the key to successful social interaction has probably passed. Goes to show how much i am in touch. The earlier part of this decade was a fun time. I wonder who’s now the band of old resurrected for the t-shirts and life affirmations of today’s youth. It’s probably something really revolting, macho, inextricable to alcohol, wardrobe overhauling, steadfastly and in a way perpetuatingly and definingly rock and roll. Or something arty and beyond me, but i have no idea who it would be. If i hung out with more people…

bye bye birdie

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Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before – The Smiths

See?! Point… supported. This might be my favourite Smiths song. I’m probably wrong. It was the first ever song i had really heard by them, and the first that convinced me that the Smiths might be more than a band left only to the t-shirts of one Christine “Spike” Nelson.

wet hot maerican suummeerrr

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Panic – The Smiths

There’s this inbuilt helpful thing about Smiths songs that can get you by in any public situation where scrutiny over unfaltering, thorough knowledge of the Smiths means success or failure. At these parties, these pub trivia nights, these wooings, if you’re terrible at song titles (like me) or if you’re without that unfaltering, thorough knowledge (like… me) like 80% of the time (if there is sufficient window to get past Johnny Marr’s guitar intros) you can guess the Smiths song playing by just going by the first word or bunch of words Morrissey sings. “Panic on…” Aha! yes Panic. It works surprisingly often and has gotten me out of none too few credibility jams. My tip to you.

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Heaven knows i’m miserable now – The Smiths

Heh heh heh. I can this why this is so popular.


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