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And the weight of that silence – This Machine Kills

The story of This Machine Kills is now the story of Steve Aoki, his trust fund and his bloghouse DJ career. I don’t know enough about him or his new career to comment on anything, nor can i say how he feels about this time in his life – a seemingly contrary one to the one he is living now. I’m sure he is still a stand up person, just not as square as those of us who stick to hardcore; who extend juvenilia to a shameful, embarrassingly constant life choice. No reproach here. I hope none given anywhere, especially on ground of “turning his back on hardcore”. There are very good reasons for doing that sometimes (cf. Duncan Barlow’s letter of resignation, growing up and out of it, etc.).

So that is This Machine Kills legacy. It is not one of a fantastic, exciting, erudite, expository, inspirational band. It is not one of how much this song fucking rules. The whole album does. It’s funny how irony shifts over time. How now this is the music one should be apologetic, or dismissive, or ashamed of enjoying. Oh well. BREAKING THE SILENCE! When did earnestness and conviction become uncool?

all that heaven allows

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